Creative Director

Currently, I hold the position of associate creative director at The Martin Group, a fully integrated communications agency in Buffalo, New York and enjoyed a short tenure as secretary of the AAF Buffalo’s Board of Directors.

My focus is to determine creative strategy, design and user experience in a wide range of mediums including print, interactive, and video. I am responsible for concept development, management of a multi-disciplined creative team and overseeing workflow from design to deployment.

If you really want to know what I’m like in person, take a look at my past video series titled Casual Fridays. It’s a series that I wrote, directed and starred in. We hit on all kinds of marketing topics and throw as many cheap jokes in there as humanly possible. Check it out and I promise you’ll chuckle at least once.

My work in the advertising industry has been awarded over 20 industry awards in a few short years. I, personally, was recently named a 2017 Shore Scripts TV Pilot Quarter Finalist for a pilot screenplay I developed.

Questions? I’ll respond to Twitter way before an email.